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Optimal Wellbeing & Health

Wellness Care


Here at Sandbach Chiropractic Clinic our ultimate aim is for you to have overall good health and wellbeing. With chiropractic adjustments that correct and align the body this gives you the ability to be at your best.


The underlying premise of Chiropractic is to correct and allow the nervous system to function correctly. Our entire functioning body is made up of the Central Nervous System (CNS), which includes the brain and the spinal cord.  The CNS is then protected by the bones of our skull (cranium) and spinal column. Remember your CNS controls everything including your muscles for movement, your sensations and of course your vital organs. So by allowing the flow of this system to work at its best then your body can move better, function more efficiently and inevitably leave you feeling better.


Usually pain is what brings you to our door and if pain has occurred then something is going wrong. Once we get on top this pain, or problem, nobody wants to experience a similar situation and the same symptoms again. Often we advise to come in for routine regular check ups to keep your system at its optimum, a bit like going to your dentist for a check up on your dental health. Allowing us to regularly assess the health of your spine and to pick up on problems before they manifest helps to prevent problems reoccurring (a bit like an MOT on a car). Sometimes it helps to stay on top of ongoing old injuries.

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