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New Patient Centre


Your First Visit


As a new patient to our clinic, we will guide you through a journey that helps us get to know you and your reason for attending our clinic. Whether you book online, phone or in person we begin with a simple questionnaire, which you will receive by email from us. The questionnaire helps us gather information about you along with a consent form prior to your first visit with the chiropractor. 


When you come in to attend your appointment we will spend some time talking and discussing what you are looking for help with. This allows us to get the very best picture of your overall health and what you are seeking help for.


An examination follows which will involve postural analysis, testing orthopaedic & neurological tests and joint range of motion and how well your joints and muscles are functioning. These tests help to determine the reason for pain or dysfunction and allows us to identify what is required for your individual care.


The findings are then discussed and explained so you have a very good understanding of how chiropractic care may help you. Chiropractic adjustments usually commences in the same session depending on the individual case. This initial consultation with the chiropractor will take about 1 hour.

What Should I Wear

For the first session we will need to see the natural posture of your body and spine and asses how your joints are moving so we recommend bringing loose sports clothing like shorts and a vest. We also have gowns that you can wear. Once we have made the initial assessment any follow up care we usually treat you with your clothing on, however we recommend wearing clothing that is not restrictive.

Follow Up Sessions

Your treatment needs will be assessed on an individual bases once we have established what the problem is. How many follow up visits required depends on how long you have had the problem or the severity of the problem. This can be discussed individually at the consultation. For most instances we will scheduled a few appointments each week following your consultation. These follow up appointments allow us to manage and progress the reason that you have come for help at our clinic.  

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